Addressing Abusive Lenders

Consumers have rights, and the attorneys of The Advocacy Group Law Firm are here to protect them.

We hold mortgage companies, credit card companies and other lenders accountable for their practices. If they violate the terms of federal or state consumer protection statutes, we hold them legally responsible for their actions.

We litigate consumer protection and debt relief cases. Primarily, we assist debtors on an individual or class-wide basis in stemming improper practices by creditors and debt collectors in their attempts to collect debts.

Our services include:

  • Credit Card Defense

  • Foreclosure Defense

  • Credit Repair

  • Unpaid Medical Bills

  • Student Loan Resolution

Our goals are to:

  • Resolve disputed debts

  • Stop creditor harassment

  • Avoid foreclosure

  • Remedy improper practices

Most consumers are unaware that they have rights as well as obligations in their relationship with lenders. Our attorneys are well-versed in consumer protection laws. We know what lenders can and cannot do to collect a debt.

Has a mortgage or credit card company sued you for nonpayment? Are they continuing to contact you directly even though you have filed for bankruptcy? Are they engaging in unfair or deceptive practices? We may be able to help.